PiWars is GO!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great 2020! We are all so excited for this years PiWars. We have 5 people in this years team. Some new faces, some old. Lets go over them again. We have Aaron, Vivek, saachi (me), Leo and Rishan. Last year, we won 2nd place and are aspiring for 1st this year. https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects/raspberry-pi-setting-up/5 Try this link above … Continue reading PiWars is GO!

Team CERCBot’s activity plan

Hi everyone this post is a little later than I thought it would be as we didn’t have a meeting until much later than I thought. Anyway, I thought in this post I should explain all the tasks. Remote control or Autonomous: Eco-Disaster – Sort the BarrelsEscape Route – The Blind MazeMinesweeper – Find the SquaresRemote control-only:Pi Noon – The Hindenburg Disaster – Duelling Balloon PoppingThe Zombie Apocalypse – ShooterThe … Continue reading Team CERCBot’s activity plan

Team CERCBot’s first post!

Hi everyone and welcome to Team CERCBot’s first post. In this post I will be revealing our promising team. This year’s team from Cambourne local club CERC includes Leo, Aaron, Rishan and I. Some other people may be interested later on and join in. Our next meeting will be sometime soon and I’ll post again next week, most probably on Sunday. The next post will … Continue reading Team CERCBot’s first post!