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Cookery club raises more than £500 for Action Medical Research 2016

The purpose of Cambourne cookery club has two main purposes: Growing friendship and exploring new palates. Councillor Shrobona Bhattacharya who runs the Cambourne Cookery Club said, "Our mission is to unite friends along with culinary artisans who embrace different cultures and traditions. "Each year we will choose different cuisine, in 2015-16 our cooking theme was Italian and all our members tried something new and finally we had our finale Italian dinner on 9 July at Cambourne Hub where we raise funds for Action Medical Research for the sick children. "Friends and residents of Cambourne attended our finale dinner and jointly we raised total £533 for a good cause on that night." Anyone can join the club, there are no fees involved, a member hosts a dinner only once and attends several dinners at others. Having food together, making friends and social engagements are the purposes of the club.

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