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Cambourne children learn about AI, innovation and design 2018

CAMBOURNE ELECTRONICS AND ROBOTICS CLUB (CERC):  On Sunday 21st October, more than 35 kids aged between 5 and 14 participated in a Cam Care UK workshop in the Hub.

CERC members and other interested children learned about Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Design. Dr Sujit Bhattacharya organized the workshop and explained how artificial intelligence works with simple examples from nature. Fellow Cambourne resident Doroteja Maklin, an innovation consultant who helps corporates improve innovation processes, led a workshop on design and innovation and shared her expertise with the audience to empower villagers in Cambourne towards entrepreneurship and innovation.

The children learnt how to collaborate and think creatively through the Marshmallow challenge by creating the highest freestanding structure using only basic materials as well as what is innovation and what design.

CERC is a free activity in Cambourne open for new members to join. Contact shrobona@gmail.com or 07852753216 to join the club.



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