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Cookery Club raises £1,075 for Kendall 2018

MEMBERS OF CAMBOURNE Experimental Cookery Club have raised £1,075 for local baby Kendall, who is battling cancer, through their annual dinner held on 23 June. More than 100 guests sat down to dinner at the Hub for the fundraising event.    Dr Shrobona Bhattacharya, founder of  the Cookery Club and recently elected district councillor, said: "The prime focus of the club is to tackle loneliness and promote community cohesion. As food brings people closer, I designed this project to experiment with different world foods. Each year members select a country or cuisine for cooking which they haven't tried before. Volunteering and charity are also objectives. "Members of the cookery club are divided into groups of four and they meet regularly at dinners hosted by their group. "At the end of the year, all members meet to host the final community dinner with the objective of fundraising for a good cause. At the dinner, members work together and show high levels of team coordination, their passion for volunteering, community building and of course their love of experimenting with food and cooking." If you would like to join Cambourne Cookery club, please contact Shrobona on shrobona@gmail.com

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