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STEM Activities in Cambridgeshire, 7th Science Festival Cambourne 2022

The photo link is here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mPjbUsRAUT5HJWph9

The 7th Annual Cambourne Science Festival was held in Cambourne Hub on Saturday, 25th June, 2022  that provided grand opportunity to experience the science festival. This was not only a fantastic platform for all young scientists to showcase their experiments, prototypes, their thoughts about various aspects of science and share the knowledge with their peers, but also inspire others towards STEM. This was the perfect opportunity to share knowledge and engage with further opportunities with STEM.  
It was so lovely to see that science could be explored from early ages and could be extended to any ability and age. The thrill and the passion were evident throughout. Adults also thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of science.

This festival resulted in bringing so many young children and parents from so many different schools across the region together. It was amazing to see the robots from your own homegrown team and the inspiring news of success in regional as well as national championships. The young scientists were passionately talking about their expertise and experiences; indeed it was inspiring for others. Young scientists dressed up in science festival T-shirts, receiving certificates, goodies and presents – such thoughtful care and lovely treats for the children. The festival had diverse ranges of activities for children and young adults to take part and enjoy.

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