District of South Cambridgeshire
Registered Charity
in England: 1177486

A 'not-for-profit' organigation


CamCare UK

A cinematic portrait of life at CamCare UK; ‘not-for-profit’ organisation and unforgettable experiences.

PictureCam Care UK Gallery

CamCare is specially formed to promote equality, diversity and racial harmony for the public benefit by promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.


Cambourne Science Festival 2019

Cambourne Cookery Fundraising Dinner 2018

Cambourne Family Art Day 2018

Cambourne Science festival 2018

Cambourne Holi 2018

Cambourne Diwali 2018

Electronics and Robotics Presentations 2018

Local MP, Heidi attending the Diwali 2018

Cambourne Holi 2017

Cambourne Mela 2017

Cambourne Science festival 2017

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