District of South Cambridgeshire
Registered Charity in England: 1177486
A 'not-for-profit' organisation

Summary of CamCare UK 2023 Events

CamCareUK's New Minibus Trips Initiative Unlocking Community Wellbeing
Sky Comes to Life with a Rainbow of ColoursĀ in Cambourne in Kite Festival 2023
On Sunday, February 19th, 2023, Cambourne came alive with the spirit of community and the joy of pancakes as CamCare UK, a local charity, organized a lively pancake race.
CleanCar is an app to improve fuel efficiency and predict car service needs using a Raspberry Pi or a mobile phone. Every car has an OBD port that can access various sensors connected to internal sub-systems. Through the OBD port, the app indicates real-time fuel consumption, detects car idling, and recommends car service if needed. While the nifty feature that gives small beeps while idling is really cool, the app shows red-amber-green light signals for car service needs.
Team CERC Activators Triumphs First Lego League 2023 Nationals with Rising All-Stars award.
CamCareUK Cambourne Mela 2023, attended over 500 visitors joined the festivities at the Cambourne Hub Community Centre on Sunday 16th April throughout the event, including people from Cambourne, surrounding villages, Cambridge city, and even distant places.
On the 5th of March 2023, Cambourne came alive with a riot of colours as the Festival of Colours, Holi, unfolded for the eighth consecutive year.
Japanese Sushi Workshop/Fundraising event to help the Japanese school to support a cause.
Cambridge Electronics & Robotics Club are overjoyed to share our triumph at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2023, where we clinched the coveted STEM Initiative of the Year Award
The aroma of Greece, Italy, and Slovenia wafted through the Hub Community Centre on the evening of May 21st 2023, as the Cambourne Experimental Cookery Club members came together for their annual fundraising dinner.
CamCare UK are thrilled to have successfully conducted the 8th Annual Cambourne Science Festival recieved massive round of applause to all the young scientists who put their heart and soul into their projects.
Cambourne's local charity CamCare UK was absolutely delighted to be recognised by the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire Award.
The Cambourne Family Art Festival is organised by CamCareUK on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at the Hub Community Centre and over 90 people participated at this event.
Team CERC's solution, CleanCar, emerged as a Finalist in the prestigious PA Consulting Raspberry Pi Competition 2023, offering a pragmatic approach to transform the fuel efficiency of combustion engine-based vehicles with a keen eye on sustainability.
Cambourne's local charity CamCare UK was chosen as a finalist for the seed funding awarded for the NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Health Inequalities Challenge Prize 2023.