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Cambourne celebrates South Asian New Year 2017

Cambourne held its 2nd Mela on Saturday 8th April at the Hub Community Centre and more than three hundred people attended to celebrate the South Asian New Year.

Councillor and organiser Dr. Shrobona Bhattacharya said, "Cambourne Mela represents the tradition and cultures of South Asian communities. Around 60 languages are spoken in Cambourne and we are celebrating the unity in the diversity today. Cambourne Mela has more than 25 stalls from various states of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. People of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India gathered at one place under the banner of South Asia. This is a unique event where people from different backgrounds are celebrating their New Year in one place."

The Mela was free for all and attendees explored a variety of ethnic street food and had the chance to buy South Asian attire like Sarees and Kurtas in the Mela. Children enjoyed a bouncy castle, Henna paintings and Bollywood dancing.

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