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Children and their parents get creative at Cambourne Family Art Day 2017

More than seventy children and their parents from Cambourne took part in Cambourne Family Art Day on Saturday 8th July at Cambourne Hub Community Centre.

Cambourne Art Day was a family event where children got an opportunity to draw from their imagination in a given theme; parents also made their own piece of art for exhibition. It has given them good confidence for future art projects.

People from in and around Cambourne came and looked at all the drawings of the young artists and their parents. Every participant received a participation certificate along with a prize to acknowledge their ingenuity and to encourage them to continue their passion for the Arts and creativity.

Councillor Shrobona Bhattacharya, who organised this event, explained, “It was wonderful to see so many children and their parents draw from their imagination and create the Cambourne Art Gallery. A child’s talents must be recognized within the community."

Parul Burman, the co-organizer, who runs an Art School in Cambourne said, “Children must be given an opportunity to expand their imagination and creativity and I am sure more kids and parents will take part in coming years.”

Cambourne resident and Time bank member Janet Glasser gave away the prizes to the children and the winner's parents. Mrs Meaghan, Mrs Templeton, Mrs. Anuja and Yagnaseni Bhattacharya helped to organize the event as the jury.

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