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Global amity and unity in the midst of universal diversity 2017

Cambourne's multicultural diverse community marked Diwali, Festival of Lights at Hub Community Centre on Saturday, 21st October.

People from various nationalities tried colourful Sarees and Kurtas, joined the prayers and enjoyed Indian food from the stalls. Children made various Rangoli designs with the sand-colours and enjoyed sparklers. Each family received a welcoming pack with claylamp, a packet of sparklers and sweets. A presentation by Ms. Yagnaseni showed how the festival is celebrated and how four different religions mark Diwali as their main festival. Cambridge Astrophysicist, Dr. Ranjan, performed the religious rituals and Peterborough scientist, Dr Madhumita, and her daughter performed a Bengali dance. The event was free and a homemade Indian meal was served for everyone.

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