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Inclusiveness, acceptance and friendship: Festival of Colours 2017

The spring festival, Holi, is also known as the festival of colours, which signifies the victory of good over evil. It signifies the sprit of forgiveness and some celebrate as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.

Neighbours and friends gathered around the new Cricket Pavilion in Upper Cambourne and took part in the colour festival. It was a friendly event where people chased each other around, throwing handfuls of coloured powders; a carnival of colours where friends, neighbours, children, elders smear each other with powder colours. Mass participation of dance was a part of the festival and people danced to Bolloywood tunes.

Local Cambourne ladies prepared home made traditional food for the festival and Shilpa Tiwari raised £100 by selling home baked cakes, for Cambourne Pre­school to buy new equipment for the outdoor garden.

Organiser and Councillor Shrobona Bhattacharya said, "Cambourne set an example of acceptance and togetherness in the Festival of Colours. The Holi festival was a good example of inclusiveness and friendship."

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