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Science Festival puts STEM in spotlight 2018

THE THIRD ANNUAL CAMBOURNE SCIENCE FESTIVAL was held on 12th May where more than 70 Cambourne and Cambridgeshire children - aged 4 to 14 years - presented their home-made science projects which is a new concept in this country. The children of the Cambourne Electronics and Robotics Club (CERC) took part in large number and demonstrated various projects based on BBC Micro:bit. Cambourne Science Festival is a unique event where children get an opportunity to demonstrate and explain their projects to the public, which enhances their public speaking and confidence. The event was well attended by visitors from in and around Cambourne who were seen to deeply interact with the young scientists. Every participant received a participation certificate along with a prize to acknowledge their ingenuity and to encourage them to continue their passion for science. Councillor Shrobona Bhattacharya and Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya, the STEM ambassadors and organisers of the event, explained, “A child’s advancement depends on parents, teachers, state policies and also the all-round recognition of child abilities. All our hard work will thus make more leaders, for the world to be in better hands!" Dame Mary Archer DBE attended the Science Festival and took special interest interacting with the participants. Dame Mary presented the certificates and medals to the participants while councillor Mark Howell helped her in giving the prizes. Dr. Christos Papavassiliou of Imperial College London, Dr.Sudhakaran from Genetics Department of Cambridge University and Mr. David Plextek explained to the children in the Award Function why Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics are important to make a better world and how the young scientists can play an important role there.

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