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Cambourne celebrates Chinese New Year 2019

Cambourne observed its first Chinese New Year Celebration on Sunday 10th February at the Blue School.

2019 is the year of the pig, according to the Chinese zodiac. All animals have their personality and symbolism and the chubby, good-natured pig is believed to bring people fortune and wealth.

The Chinese community of Cambourne, Cambridge and surrounding areas gathered at the Blue school and offered traditional home-made food to the visitors.

Fang, Cambourne resident and co-organiser of the festival with Jian, said, "We want to give huge thanks to the Cambourne Timebank, CamCare UK, Mudra Academy and Cambourne Parish Council for their generosity and their kind support. Also, thanks so much for Chinese Community volunteers and friends who made this great event happen. Many thanks for so many people who came to support the event as well. We wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous year of pig!” Cllr. Shrobona Bhattacharya thanked the Chinese community and volunteers for giving Cambourne a fantastic cultural exposure and said, "Cambourne's 1st Chinese New Year's celebration was a wonderful experience to learn about Chinese traditions, food, dance and music. We look forward to having more such joyful Chinese events in future."

People from diverse backgrounds visited the Chinese New Year Celebration at the Blue School and enjoyed the New Year's storytelling, games, Dumpling workshop, Hulusi workshop, Hulusi performance, dragon dance - La Hua Wu Long, Magic shows, Kids Martial Arts, Chinese script writing, Kids magic tricks, traditional paper crafts and some classic food provided by the Chinese community.

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