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Formerly Known as Cambourne Electronics and Robotics Club
CERC Activate Thrilled to Representing the UK at the Sydney International First Lego League 2024
Join us on an exhilarating journey as Team CERC, a group of bright young minds, learns and innovates their way through PiWars 2024 challenges, from sensor setbacks to pioneering solutions like Minesweeper GUI and autonomous escape routes.
FIRST LEGO League Cambridge Regional Competition CERC secured not one but two prestigious trophies—the Best Robot Game Award and the Championship Award for 2024.
CERC mentoring t12 Teams for the First Lego League 2024(FLL) Competition Across the UK
Arya Patel, Adi Patel, and Vaatalya, members of the First Lego League, showcased their entrepreneurial spirit by organizing a Fundraise for a New Robot with cake sale on 10th December 2023.