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Cookery club raises cash for war and drought victims 2017

CAMBOURNE COOKERY CLUB: If you want to make new friends, you love experimenting with food and like to be invited for dinner - then join the Cambourne cookery club!

Councillor Shrobona Bhattacharya, who runs the club, says: "Cookery club members acquire many friends in their neighbourhood and get invited by the other members to attend dinners. We know each other better and this helps to kill loneliness. At the end of all dinner rotas, we organise a fundraising dinner to do our bit for society."

This year members raised £1,352 for Syrian war children and east African drought victims for British Red Cross on Sunday 14 May. The dinner, at the Hub, was attended by 120 guests from various communities and included many varieties of experimental recipes from Levantine cuisine. If you want to join the Cambourne Cookery club, please contact at shrobona@gmail.com

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