CamCare UK is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, set up and run by volunteers. CamCare is specially formed to promote equality, diversity and racial harmony for the public benefit by promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds. CamCare will also work to advance the education of the public by providing opportunities to learn, participate and improve public access to expertise including collaborating with other charities and educational establishments.

Our Aim

Our Objectives

CAMCARE UK exists to engage in activities that advance community cohesion in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire and nearby counties with the aim to improve the well-being of its population.


Our History

CamCare UK is recently formed in August 2017, after working for two years through Mudra Academy of Performing Arts UK (registered Trust) which promoted the equality and integrity for all Cambourne residents from various backgrounds.

Mudra Academy helped young people to develop their skills and the capability to face challenges in their lives, making best use of the potentials using knowledge and as evident by Cambourne Science Fair and Arts Day.

Mudra Academy worked to remove social isolation and discrimination through Cambourne Cookery Club where people are invited to other people’s house in a regular interval.

Mudra Academy is being substituted by CamCare UK to enhance its capability to engage children and residents in activities that advance community cohesion in Cambourne. It was evident from huge attendance and the feedback though emails and social medias that all activities and events organized by Mudra Academy were people-oriented. Hence, it is required to maintain these activities which bring sustainability and integration in Cambourne.